Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heather Wolfe VS. Pugsley Feldman Wolfe

The following is a reenactment of an ongoing criminal investigation. The suspect's name has been changed to protect his identity, until he is proven guilty in a court of law.

Charges: Indecent Consumption
Pugsley Feldman Wolfe has been charged with eating Heather Wolfe's earplugs. (Heather Wolfe is his Crazy Dog Mom)

Exhibit #1: Heather’s nightstand with earplugs.

Heather wears earplugs at night because her husband, Mark, snores like the pugs in the household:)

Exhibit #2: Marty on Heather’s nightstand eating the earplugs!!!

Exhibit #3: Heather Wolfe’s nightstand without earplugs.

On a few occasions, Heather has noticed that her earplugs are missing when she goes to bed.
Pugsley Feldman Wolfe was convicted of all charges of Indecent Consumption.

He was sentenced to 1 hour in his kennel.

Pugsley has also been denied the pleasure of eating earplugs!!!!!

Heather now keeps her earplugs in a container, so Pugsley can not eat them:)
(Mark Wolfe made the wooden container for Heather)

***Crazy Dog Mom Note***
Pugsley did eat some earplugs, but he is just fine. He did have a slight purple tent to his poop on a few occasions:) Sometimes I wonder if Pugs are not part goat!!!! They will eat ANYTHING!!!!!

Have a PUGTASTIC week!!!!
Pugsley & Lola


  1. HAHAHAHAHAA! This post made us LAUGH!

    Pugsley,'ve got to be a bit more slick about eating stuff like this. Next time just push the container onto the ground and only eat one and then deposit the other earplug in Justin's room so mom will suspect HIM.

    I'll have mom bake you a file cake if you need it dude! An hour in your kennel seems like highly cruel and unusual punishment!!!!

    I love you man!

  2. Too bad man you got caught. I got caught yesterday eating a broken hanger....hey I found it so it was basically mine, right?


  3. Well, they are sort of gummy and chewy - but how do you know it wasn't Lola?

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Well Friends:)

    I can't shift the blame on to Lola, because dad caught me red pawed:(

    I will have to be more sneaky next time!!!!

  5. Our poop always gives us away doesn't it? Bol.

    Lots of Licks,
    Oak and Swish

  6. Hahah... Ear plugs? Did they taste like ear wax? Virus always tries to chew on my ears.. I've been known to sleep on Mom's bedside table, though, but have never eaten anything on it.


  7. BOL! Oh Pugsley, those things look all tiny and squishy like a treat! You were probably totally confused!

  8. too funny!!! I like to chew on mom's ears so I don't blame you.

  9. Um, unless there is photographic evidence of the earplugs being eaten, I think someone got railroaded.


    Just saying.

  10. My hero!!! Were they good? Did you enjoy them? Were they worth the sentence? I'm always trying to get to the momma's ear plugs (she wears them for the same reason your momma does) but I can't the container open. I'm always close by when she puts them in or gets a new pair out just in case one falls, but no such luck yet!!!


    PeeeSeee: the momma's are purple too!! =)

  11. lol!
    yes, puggies are part goat. i love the ear plug container!

    great job dad!

    m & e

  12. Does this mean he has silent farts?????