Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cards!!!

Hello Friends!!!

Lola and I worked VERY hard on our Christmas cards last night and we are very excited to get them sent out!!! We have one problem tho:( We didn't get all of your addresses ahead of time so we can mail them.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email our mom your address so we can send you a Christmas card!! Mom's email is

Only 8 days until Christmas, so send us your address soon!!

Have a PUGTASTIC day!!
Pugsley & Lola


  1. OMG...the barking dog Jingle Bells makes mom laugh!

    Good luck with your cards!!!!

    I love you man!!!


  2. Hi Pugsley & Lola! I just emailed my address to your mom. I can't wait to see your Christmas card!

    Stubby xoxo

  3. Hi Pugsley & Lola!
    I would love to get a card from two adorable friends like you! I will email your mom right away!
    :) Tibby

  4. Hey guys! It Manda ea Oisíns mammy!
    Just wanted to say good luck with the xmas cards! I would love to get one but the postage would probaly be very expensive as Im all they way in Ireland! :P
    Anyways drop by some time!

    Manda and Oisín x

  5. hi heather, pugsley and lola!
    we cannot wait to see your beautiful cards!
    m & e