Saturday, February 6, 2010

B is for....

Happy Saturday friends!!!

It is time for the next letter in The ABC's of Pugsley & Lola.

B is for BAKERY!!

Mom surprised us with treats from Three Dog Bakery the other night!!


I wonder what is in this bag!!?!!

HELP!!!!!! I'm stuck in the bag!!!!

We got these super yummy chewies called FLOSSIES. They are supposed to help clean our teeth while we chew on them and they are all natural.

Yummy!! Yummy!! Yummy!!

Argh!! Argh!! Argh!!

Tell your humans the you want a FLOSSIE too!! They are very yummy and we were able to chew on them for awhile before they were gone.

Pugs & Kisses
Pugsley & Lola


  1. Hi Pugsley & Lola! B is for biting which is what I'm going to do when I get my flossie. Nom, nom, nom! They sure look yummy.

    Stubby xoxo

    Pee-s: I received your card today and it is so cute. You guys are so creative. Thanks so much for participating in the card exchange.

  2. Hey, guys! We LUV Flossies at our house!

    Pugs, buddy....glad you got outta the bag. I was nervous there fer a minute!

  3. Heya cuties. Ummm, we hates to break the news but those flossies look like those bull weenies mom gets us.

    'B' is for Butt. Because we're the gassy gang and really stinky farts comes out of our butts...

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  4. B for bakery? Why is that I never get to go to the bakery? Why is it that I never get anything from a bakery? Your flossie looks very interesing ,,,, hummm
    hey I got mail today from across the world and it was a card from YOU! Thank you sooo muches.

  5. Those flossies look good. I will have to have mom get me some.


  6. I've heard about Three Dog Bakery from S-dog! You guys look like you're enjoying the treats!

  7. We used to have a Three Dog Bakery right near us, but they closed - those flossies look very tasty.

    And we have to thank you for the beautiful Valentine Card - we loved it!!! And that little bone paper clip is really cute too.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  8. B is for Bella Dog Bakery! They are my favorite dog bakery! They host KPR once a month and create other fundraisers for KPR.(

    I love flossies too, but the chewy that I'm loving right now are Himalayan Chewies ( It's made of yak milk and lime juice, which kind of tastes like lemonade. I got it from Bella's, and even though I've been chewing on it every day, I still have 1/3 of it left (3 weeks later)! Mommy says that even though it's a little pricey up front, it's worth it because of how long it lasts.

    I'm loving my beautiful Valentine from ya'll too!

  9. hi lola and pugsley!
    oooo yummy!
    B is a great letter for 2 lucky puggies!
    m & e