Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baking with mom

Last night I helped mom bake "COOKIES" to take to Indy Pug Meetup today. Brother's birthday is Thursday and he wanted to take treats for everyone:)

Are they done yet!?!

I was the official spoon licker:)

MMM MMM GOOD!! They are pug approved:)

15 minutes in the oven and they will be DONE!!!

Tah Dah!!! They are done!! Chicken and Beef flavored cookies:)

I sure hope my pug friends enjoy them at Meetup!!
I will let you all know tomorrow:)

Have a PUGTASTIC Saturday!!!!


  1. Pugsley - You are so lucky that your mom lets you lick the spoon because mine doesn't. Mom said that you look adorable with batter on your little pug mug!
    I can't believe that you could sit next to a rack full of cookies and not dive in to eat some. I would get all excited that I wouldn't be able to sit for a picture, but that just goes to show that I like to eat a little too much.
    I hope all your friends at the Meetup love the cookies because they look delicious - good job!
    Stubby xoxo

  2. hi pugsley!

    oh you are an expert taste tester! i think we need to approach food network with a pug chef pilot don't you?

    emmitt and i wish we could come to the meet up today. we cannot wait to see pictures!

    emmitt says he would love to have that recipe for your cookies. they look delicious!
    he will feature them in an upcoming newsletter.

    m & e

  3. such cute pictures! what a happy pug you are. my mama never baked cookies. i'll have to leave her hints that i'm interested in something chickeny and beefy. mmm cookies.

  4. If our mom had put those cookies down on the floor next to us...they would have been GONE!

  5. It must be nice to lick the spoon, but how can you be so good and sit so nicely next to that rack of goodies and not take a sample or two?

    Have a lot of fun at the Meetup.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. Wow, there is no way I would be sitting next to all those cookies and NOT eating them. You are really good.


    PS we loved the face in the hole photos. The last one is just perfect.

  7. Pugsley, you are one lucky fella I tell ya what. My mom just buys treats.

  8. Oh those look good. I'm so sad that I missed out. Oh well, maybe next time. That was nice of your Mommy to make those for everyone.

  9. Pugsley, those look delicious! You were such a perfect little helper!!!

  10. YUMMY Pugsley - I did not know you were so talented - a baker and spoon licker. Both very pug approved jobs :)
    Loves from pugs,
    Rosie Marie