Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pugsley's Theme song!!?!!

Hello friends!!!

I need everyone's help on one of our construction projects. I need a theme song!!! Lola has songs about her, so I think that I need one too:) Ok, ok, let's just get it over with right now and sing about Lola. Lola...L-O-L-A...Lola. Now back to me:) Please leave suggestions in your comments and mom and I will pick one.

Thanks for your help!!!


  1. PERSONALLY...I like "I'm Too Sexy" or possibly "Macho Man" by The Village People! ;-)

    I love you man!!!


  2. Oh we'll have to think about it some more...but Mama just wanted to say that she can't wait to see you blogging again. She bets the new site will be *wait for it* outta sight! (She's quite lame, I know...)

    See you soon!!

  3. Hi Pugsley!! I am really thinking on this one... so far all I can think of is that Fergi song called Fergiliscious! (of course, we would say Pugsley-liscious!)

  4. WE aren't very good at picking songs, but we sure hope you hurry back - we miss you!!!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. I have to agree with Salinger on this one. Both of his suggestions are really good! If we come up with anything else, we'll post it.

  6. Pugs, 'bout It's Raining Pugs (sung to the tune of It's Raining Men).

    I know....uh.....yer "kind" really like that song.