Monday, July 20, 2009

Seattle Pug art!!

Hello fellow pug friends!!

This is Heather, Pugsley & Lola's mom, writing tonight:) We recently took a trip to Seattle to visit family and I found some AWESOME pug art at the Pike Place Market!! I love my new prints sooo much I could not wait to share them with all our pug friends:)

***Sorry if the pictures are kind of weird. I found pictures online so it would be easier to post****

This is my favorite one I bought!!! It is by a deaf artist Jerry Becker Steffen, JR.
I was able to meet him and show him pictures of Pugsley and Lola:)

The other two prints I bought are by David Hearn. I didn't get to meet David, but his work is amazing!!!

Well, now my next big job is to find a great place to hang all of my PUGTASTIC new pictures!!! Once I get them hung up, I will make sure to have Pugsley & Lola post pictures.

Have a GREAT Tuesday!!!


  1. hi heather!
    oh my gosh! they are all wonderful! what fabulous finds!
    i love finding pug art ~ especially on vacation!
    thank you for sharing them!

  2. Oh wow, Heather! Those are awesome!!!!

  3. Those are great adn how neat you got to meet one of the artists!!!

  4. They are really quite beautiful. We hope you find the perfect frame and spot for each of them.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. The artwork is great. I love finding stuff like that.

  6. Hello everyone -- I'm David Hearn, and I'm SO glad you like my Pugs! Please do stop by any Sunday and say hello. And, if you show me a photo of YOUR pug, I'll give you 10% off whatever you buy. Smile. Thanks again....David, Pike Place Market