Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lola Update:)

Hello Friends-

Thank you sooo much for all the GREAT comments about Lola.

Lola is doing great. I am obsessed with her:) I love to kiss her and she get a little annoyed with me at times. I guess that is all part of having a sister:)

Mom took some new pictures of us tonight, so we could share them with you. I hope you like them!!!

Mom says the we are "Two Peas in a Pod":)

Lola is quite a DIVA!!!


I was the grill supervisor tonight:) That is a "MAN'S" job!!!
(Even tho mom was doing the grilling)

Taking a break with Lola.

Nice tongue Lola!!!

Brother took this cute picture of Lola under the kitchen table.

Make sure to stop by my BPF Salinger's blog. He came over with his family to meet Lola last night. He did a GREAT post about their visit today!!! Thanks for coming over to visit last night Salinger:) I LOVE YOU MAN!!!

Have a PUGTASTIC Friday!!!
Pugsley & Lola


  1. hi pugsley and lola!
    oh it looks like she has always been with you!
    it was meant to be!
    i am so happy for all of you!
    great photos! they made my whole day!
    m & e

  2. Lola is adorable. She looks like a perfect fit for you. We are so glad you have found yourself a great sister!

    Roxy & Lucky

  3. Lola and you look so perfect together. Both of your eyes are smiling! The pictures are adorable.
    This has been such a "feel good" story.
    We are happy that you are enjoying each others company.
    Thank you for sharring this inspiring story

  4. YAY LOLA!

    Oh, I am just loving hearing about her! She is quite the diva. I bet you love having a playmate, Pugsley!!!

  5. Hi Pugsley!
    It looks like you and Lola are getting along great! I hope she will be staying with you forever! Many of my friends have been getting new brothers or sisters! I hope my owners don't get any ideas!
    :) Tibby