Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A trip to the vet

Greetings Fellow Dog friends!!

Today was Lola's day to go to the vet and get a complete check-up. Mom took me along because I have been coughing and mom wanted to make sure I was OK.

Mom has be anxious to see what the vet had to say about Lola, since we didn't know much about her history. The vet told mom that she is right around 2 years old and is a very healthy girl. The only issue he said she had was her weight and that she needs to lose a few pounds. I guess we will be going on more walks:) We are very glad she got a clean bill of health!!!

As for me, I have a cough and will have to take some medicine for a few days. I don't mind the medicine too much, because mom puts it in a piece of hot dog:) YUMMY!!

Mom took a few pictures of Lola and I while we were waiting on the vet:)

Have a PAWSOME Thursday!!
Pugsley & Lola


  1. Great news on Lola but be sure to take your medicine - we need you to stay healthy too.

    Nice pics of the two of you.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Pugsley - I am so happy to hear that Lola is in perfect health. The weight thing, well, I know what she's going through. I could stand to use a few pounds myself.

    I know what you mean about medicine - put anything in a hot dog and I will eat it!

    Stubby xoxo

  3. Hi Pugsley!
    I am happ to hear that Lola got a good report from the vet! I hope your cough goes away soon!
    :) Tibby

  4. We are very glad to hear that Lola is in good health. We are glad your cough is going to get better with medicine and hot dogs (Yummy)

    Roxy & Lucky

  5. Oh that is such good news that little Lola got a clean bill of health and that you got meds for your cough.
    The 2 of you are so cute standing there waiting for the vet. You both are adorable. Lola looked worried.

  6. YAY LOLA! A healthy girl! Nothing wrong with a few extra pounds if ya ask me... more to love! :)

    Now Pugsley, take your medicine ok? I want that cough to go away.

  7. I'm glad Lola got a clean bill of health. Now you get better so we can play together soon.

  8. Pugs, buddy....good fer you helpin' take care of yer new sis. She's a lucky little gal, I tell ya what.

  9. yay!
    what great news! emmitt says he wants his medicine in hotdogs too. you are such lucky puggies!