Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who is this imposter!?!

Hi everyone!!!

I sure hope you are all having a PUGTASTIC weekend!!

WAIT ONE MINUITE BUDDY!!! You are not Pugsley!!!!

I am the real PUGSLEY!!! What are you doing posting on my blog!?!
Who is this imposter?

I know who this is!! This is mom's stuffie, MARTY:) I think mom was trying to trick me, but I am too smart to fall for her trick!!

MOM!!! Marty keeps staring at me!!! Make him stop!!

Well, I am off to play!!
Have a PAWSOME Sunday!!


  1. Pugsley - You are too cute and much too smart to fall for that imposter stuffie. I sure hope I don't have any stuffies trying to post on my blog.

    Marty looks just like my stuffie/brother Big Mikey. I wonder if they are brothers. Big Mikey has never tried to post on my blog, but now that I know that Marty has, I am going to keep Big Mikey far away from the computer.

    Stubby xoxo

  2. hi pugsley and mom!
    oh what a cute post! we have missed you!
    m & e

  3. Hi Pugsley, I bet Marty wants to be just like you, that's why he watches you so much. We are sorry that the Bugg was not a good match for your family. We are sure you will find just the right pug soon.

    Roxy & Lucky

  4. Hi Pugsley
    That is so cute with you sitting there next to the imposter! So adorable. I have a little one- not sure its exact- but stuffies can sometimes get ya into trouble. Gotta watch em!

  5. Marty is very cute, but not as cute as you.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. Hi Pugsley!!! Marty is a cutie (not as cute as you, though).

  7. BOL. Mom bought a stuffed Pug that sings Christmas songs. I like to attack it when it stops singing.

  8. Haha Pugsley. You're funny. He's not an imposter. He's your live-in buddy.