Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dawg's House

Happy Saturday everyone!!

Mom got me up early this morning to visit The Dawg's House. She said I was a VERY stinky dog and REALLY needed a bath!! The Dawg's House offers a self-serve dog wash, so we went to check it out.

Come on Mom!! Let's get busy, not pose for the camera!!


Yummy, soap:)

Are we done yet!!?!!

One last rinse:)

I am doing my E.T. impersonation:)

All clean and smelling good!!

This is Laura. She is the owner of The Dawg's House:)

I give The Dawg's House TWO PAWS UP!!!

Have a PUGTASTIC weekend!!!


  1. Hi Pugsley!
    It looks like you got all nice and clean! I hope your having a good weekend!
    :) Tibby

  2. Ick. A bath! I don't like baths and after reading your post, Mama leaned over to me and sniffed. She said I'm due for a tubby, too. :(

    You look all fluffy and nice after your bath.

  3. That's neat.. I'm actually training to be a dog groomer so I'm going to need a big tub like that!
    PS..I never did get the bunny card. I don't think it likes my inbox!

  4. Pugsley - You are such a good looking pug - just like me. Now that you are all nice and clean, I have left you two awards on my blog. Please stop by to pick them up at
    Your new pal Stubby.

  5. I hate baths. You seem to be such a good sport about yours. Do you try to climb out of the tub? I do. Mom doesn't let me though.


  6. Ooohh, aren't bath times fun? I love water too. Maybe we could go swimming together this summer.

  7. Pugsley, you look wonderful! So clean and fresh!! My momma thinks this is a great idea... I hope she isn't getting any ideas...

  8. Pugsley, we are so excited that you guys are thinking about getting a girl-pug! Do you know Stacy and Brutus? They are also in Indiana, here is their blog:
    They are fostering a sweet little girl pug, Miley. She is not black, but her tongue does stick out like Clemmie's and we WANT her. If we lived out there I would adopt her in a second. Maybe you can convince your mom that Miley would be a good sister?!?!

  9. Pugsley,

    You are adorable as usual - and it looks like you liked your bath!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy