Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap up!!

Hello Doggie friends!!

Sorry mom and I have not been visiting your blogs the last few days. We have had a busy week.
Mom was frantically cleaning the house Wednesday and Thursday, because she had a Pamper Chef party Friday night.

These are all of our friends and family that came over:) It was GREAT to see them all!!!!

Mom made me stay in my kennel during most of the party, but she finally let me lose to visit with everyone.

This is Mom's Grandpa Lundy. I really liked visiting with him, because he would make funny noises to get my attention. He also let me get up on his lap and give him Kisses:)

Things got REALLY crazy at one point!! Mom made me show off my lion costume:( I was sooooo embarrassed!!!

The Pampered Chef party was lots of fun and mom got lots of cool stuff, but the best was yet to come:)

Mom and brother FINALLY took me to the Indy Pug Meetup!!!!! I was sooooo happy to get to go:) It was fun to run around and play with some of my dog blog friends and lots of other Pugs too.

Forget the picture!! I want to go play!!!

I am right in the middle of everyone with the red collar on.

The water bowls were a cool place to hang out.

Hey Mom, I am having a BLAST!!!!

Hanging with my BPF Salinger.
I am always glad to see Salinger:)

Mom getting kisses from Apollo.

Salinger's brother Holden is celebrating his 10th birthday today:)
Happy Birthday Holden!!!! We all "Pugged" him for his birthday:)

Mom was very excited to join the "pug blogger Mommas" picture. The Mommas are Laura(Salinger's mom), Kelly ( Pugs & Bugg's mom) and Vikki (The Pug Posse's mom).

Brother and I taking a quick break.

Mom sharing treats with some of my friends.

This is my friend Roxy. Isn't she such a CUTIE!! Mom said that I need a sister like Roxy:)

Brother kept Roxy and I busy with treats.

I had a GREAT time at the meetup!!! Next weekend we are going to March in the Pugs.
Hope to see you there:)

Have a PUGTASTIC week!!!


  1. Hi Pugsley - that looks like so much fun! WE had a pug meet up this weekend too! I have not gotten your package yet, but it seems like in the past it takes a long time for us to get things from other bloggie buddies as well - I think our mail carriers down here are slow-pokes or something, cause it happens a lot. I will definitely let you know when we get it, though!

  2. Pugsley, I am SO glad you finally got to go to meet-up! Did you LOVE it?!

    My Momma loves Pampered Chef stuff, too! I'm glad your Mom let you out of your crate. We have a policy in our house 'Don't come over if you're not okay with getting PUGGED by Pearl'! Momma just lets me be my crazy self! :)

  3. What a lot of fun woo had!!! A pampered Chef party is lots of fun, so says Mom - she loves their products. And wow, a pugpup party!!!! Woo have lots of pug furiends - Roxy is so pretty.

    We hope woo have a pugtastic week too

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Hey, that's a different Roxy than me! Glad you had a fun time at the meet up.
    Those are great photos.