Thursday, March 12, 2009

True Colors Thursday- VIOLET

I am not really a VIOLET kind of guy, but mom helped me find a few things to share.


This CD case is VIOLET. Mom, can we play "Who Let the Dogs Out"? PLEASE!!!!

I found some of mom's VIOLET scrapbooking paper.

This is another VIOLET scrapbook thingy:)

This box of Girl Scout cookies is VIOLET. MMMMMMMM SAMOAS!!! My dad's favorite:)

The package on these Krabby Patties is VIOLET. They are "MADE WITH LOVE":)

My favorite VIOLET thing is my platypus toy!!!! My BPF Salinger gave it to me:)

I hope you like my VIOLET things!! Next weeks color is GREEN.

Blue is the host of this meme. Stop by her blog and let her know if you want to play too!

Have a PUGTASTIC evening!!


  1. Hi Pugsley!
    You found some nice violet things! I especially love your toy, it looks like tons of fun!
    :) Tibby

  2. hi pugsley!
    what a great violet post!
    m & e

  3. Pugsley - You did a great job on this post. I love how you are in every photo with the item. My hoomas also love those cookies too - I think the mommy ate a whole box by herself.

  4. Great violets, Pugsley - woo put an earworm in Mom's ear now - Who let the dogs out?

    That's a pretty cool thing woo do with your front paw in those pics - love how woo turn it.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  5. Hey BPF!
    I thought you ate that platypus all up!

    I'm glad you still have him! I know you like him and mom keeps looking for a new on to have as a replacement!

  6. Timmy and I love Violet..aka Purple..we should have palyed this week! I even posted a purple rabbit in my Etsy shop!! Good Finds Pugsley!

  7. what a violet kinda day for you pugsley. i was excited to see you have a tug-a-jug. i have one too. i call it "Purple." here are some blog entries about it. have a good day!