Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Jan!!!

Hello everyone!!! Thank You sooooo much for your nice comments on my first blog.

I don't have a lot to share today, but I do have one very important person to acknowledge.

I want to wish my Grandma Jan a very Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Have a great Friday everyone!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hello everyone!!! I am Pugsley Feldman Wolfe. My mom (Heather) and I thought we would give this blog thing a try. I was born on 06/06/2007 in Versailles, IN. I now live with my family in Pendleton, IN. I live with my dad (Mark), mom (Heather), and brother (Justin). I also have a rat friend named Templeton.

My mom and dad wanted to name me Marty, after Marty Feldman, but Puglsey seemed to be a better fit. (Thank Goodness!!!) My middle name is Feldman, because I really do look like him. I posted a picture of Marty Feldman, so you can see the likeness.

It is night night time, so I am going to go get my cookie and go to bed.