Sunday, May 31, 2009

Loofa Dog SOS!!!

Let me introduce myself. I am Pugsley and Lola'a Camo Loofa Dog.

As you can see, I am a little hard of hearing. Lola ripped my ear off!!

Yeah!! I know you all think she is all quite and innocent. WRONG!!!!!!
It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for!!!!

Heather, Pugsley and Lola's mom, did surgery on my wound and I felt much better:)

This is how Pugsley and Lola helped me recover!!! They both decided to play with me at the same time.

When Pugsley had me, he took me over to say HI to Heather.
What a nice guy!!

So much for being a "Nice Guy"!!! He started in on my other ear!!!

Wow!! It sure is rough being a Loofa Dog. I am Pugsley and Lola's favorite stuffie right now, so I guess I should be glad:) I am very happy to report that they have not ripped off my remaining ear!!!

Be kind to your stuffies!!
Camo Loofa Dog

Saturday, May 30, 2009

FACEinHOLE Saturday Edition

OMG!!! Mom forgot to post my favorite FACEinHOLE picture on my blog yesterday.

Hand over all the cookies and no one will get hurt!!! BOL
Bonnie & Clyde aka Pugsley & Lola

Happy Saturday!!
Pugsley & Lola

P.S.: My (Pugsley) birthday is 1 week from today!!! WOOT WOOT!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

FACEinHOLE Friday!!

TGIF!!! I sure hope everyone had a GREAT week:)

I always look forward to Friday, so I can share my new FACEinHOLE creations.

It's all relative!! BOL

Dont need nothin but a good time!!!! My mom LOVES Bret Michaels:)

Lola Lou Who BOL

Lola the Wonderpug!!!

Have a Pugtastic Friday!!!
Pugsley & Lola

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A trip to the vet

Greetings Fellow Dog friends!!

Today was Lola's day to go to the vet and get a complete check-up. Mom took me along because I have been coughing and mom wanted to make sure I was OK.

Mom has be anxious to see what the vet had to say about Lola, since we didn't know much about her history. The vet told mom that she is right around 2 years old and is a very healthy girl. The only issue he said she had was her weight and that she needs to lose a few pounds. I guess we will be going on more walks:) We are very glad she got a clean bill of health!!!

As for me, I have a cough and will have to take some medicine for a few days. I don't mind the medicine too much, because mom puts it in a piece of hot dog:) YUMMY!!

Mom took a few pictures of Lola and I while we were waiting on the vet:)

Have a PAWSOME Thursday!!
Pugsley & Lola

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Wrap Up:)

Hope you all had a PUGTASTIC Memorial Day!!! Our weekend was super fun:) We went to The Pug Posse's house Saturday night for an awesome cookout. The best part was that we got to introduce Lola to all of our friends!!! She did an AWESOME job and fit right in. I would show you pictures, but mom DIDN'T take any pictures!!!!! WHATEVER!!!!!!!

On Monday, April, Cory, Landon and Garrett (Mom's sister and her family) came over to meet Lola.

Lola spent some time getting to know April.

I had to keep an eye on Garrett:)

Hey Dude!! What cha doing over here by my kennel?

Garrett decided that my kennel was a fun place to play!!!

Mom didn't even have to give him a treat to get in there!!! He got in there on his own:) CRAZY KID!!!

Garrett also had to check out Lola's kennel:)

After all the Memorial Day weekend excitment, Lola and I are going to take it easy tonight.

Lola is DONE!!! BOL

Have a PAWSOME evening!!!
Pugsley & Lola

Friday, May 22, 2009


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! I hope you all have lots of fun things planned:)
In Indiana all we hear about is the Indy 500.

Well, this week mom and I did FACEinHOLE pictures of me and Lola.

WOOOOOOO!!!! I live on the edge BABY!!!!!


Have a safe holiday weekend!!
Pugsley & Lola

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lola Update:)

Hello Friends-

Thank you sooo much for all the GREAT comments about Lola.

Lola is doing great. I am obsessed with her:) I love to kiss her and she get a little annoyed with me at times. I guess that is all part of having a sister:)

Mom took some new pictures of us tonight, so we could share them with you. I hope you like them!!!

Mom says the we are "Two Peas in a Pod":)

Lola is quite a DIVA!!!


I was the grill supervisor tonight:) That is a "MAN'S" job!!!
(Even tho mom was doing the grilling)

Taking a break with Lola.

Nice tongue Lola!!!

Brother took this cute picture of Lola under the kitchen table.

Make sure to stop by my BPF Salinger's blog. He came over with his family to meet Lola last night. He did a GREAT post about their visit today!!! Thanks for coming over to visit last night Salinger:) I LOVE YOU MAN!!!

Have a PUGTASTIC Friday!!!
Pugsley & Lola

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have a BIG surprise!!

I would like to introduce you to LOLA:) Mom and dad went and rescued her from the Greenfield Animal Control this morning. We are her foster family, but we can adopt her if she fits into our family.

She is such a CUTIE!!! Mom and dad think that she is a BUGG. What do you think?

I like her alot!! We have had a great time playing!!

Pug pile on mom's lap!!!

Well, I just wanted to share the good news with all of my friends!! I will keep you posted on how things are going:)
Have a PUGTASTIC day!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who is this imposter!?!

Hi everyone!!!

I sure hope you are all having a PUGTASTIC weekend!!

WAIT ONE MINUITE BUDDY!!! You are not Pugsley!!!!

I am the real PUGSLEY!!! What are you doing posting on my blog!?!
Who is this imposter?

I know who this is!! This is mom's stuffie, MARTY:) I think mom was trying to trick me, but I am too smart to fall for her trick!!

MOM!!! Marty keeps staring at me!!! Make him stop!!

Well, I am off to play!!
Have a PAWSOME Sunday!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

FACEinHOLE Friday!!!

These are mom's latest FACEinHOLE creations.

Move over Benjamin Franklin, I look MUCH better on the $100 bill!!!

I'm a STAR!!!

YO!!! Do you like my new hair do!?!

The "HOFF" baby!!!

PUGAMANIA Brother!!! BOL:)

How do I look as a lemur? I like to move it, move it!! I like to move it, move it!!

Do you think I would make it as a Sumo wrestler? I am not sure about the whole sumo diaper thing!!!


This is my creation:) Mom and Dad as PUGS!!! I think they should stick to being my humans:)

Have a PAWSOME weekend!!!!