Monday, February 16, 2009

Crap and Crop Monday

Thank goodness for federal holidays!!!! Since mom works at a bank, she got to stay home with me all day. Today is President's Day. We had such a fun day!:)!

My mom loves to scrapbook, so she had her friends Amanda and Linda over to "Crap and Crop". Amanda and Linda work at the bank with my mom.

I am such a good helper:) Let's get to work ladies!!

Amanda took a time out from her scrapbooking to get some pug kisses:)

Linda was working on a calender, so I decided to help her out.

WHAT!?! I am taking a break!!

After my break, I helped mom with her Disney pages.

Aren't you done yet?!!! I want you to play with me:)

These are the finished pages:)

Crap and Crop was fun, but my evening was even better!!

I got to go to Salinger's house to play and take him his Valentine!!!!

Salinger got me a Valentine too!! This is my new hedgehog, Ron:)
THANK YOU Salinger!! I love my new toy!!

I am very tired from my exciting day, so I am going to go night, night:O

Sweet Dreams


  1. Hmmm..I think your Valentine's day gift from Salinger only confirms our theories about his "preferences"....

    That is a pretty awesome gift, though. Tell your mom I used to work at a bank. I loved playing with money all day but hated the people that came in demanding that they had more money in their account than they really did because they don't know how to fill in their check register. Or people that wanted their pay checks cashed in really specific denominations. Or people that came through the drive thru with loose coin or more than 3 transactions or.....well, you get the idea.

  2. Hi Pugsley! I bet the girls could NOT have done their scrapbooking without all of your help!

    That was so nice of Salinger- he is such a great BPF!!!

  3. oh how fun!
    your pages are wonderful! what a great day and you got to see salinger too!
    :) m & e

  4. There are a lot of scrapbookers on the blogosphere. You will have a lot of fun meeting them all. Glad you got a day off with your mom. That must have been fun.