Thursday, February 26, 2009

True Colors Thursday- BROWN

I had to work hard this week to find BROWN things to play True Colors Thursday.
These are the BROWN things I found:)

Our kitchen table is BROWN.

This is our BROWN "evil chair". Dad calls it the "evil chair", because he fell asleep in it the first time he meet mom's parents:) Silly Dad!!!

This is the BROWN Milk-Bone dog Grandma Jan gave me for Christmas. Poor guy is blind, because I ate his eyes:(

This is brother's BROWN cow Webkinz.

These are the BROWN shoes and BROWN cow socks mom wore today.

My dog food is BROWN. YUM YUM YUM!!!

Mom say's that I have big, beautiful BROWN eyes:)

Stop by BLUE's blog if you want to play along with True Colors Thursday. It is LOTS of fun!!
I better get busy finding YELLOW things for next week.



  1. Hi Pugsley!
    You did a great job finding all that brown stuff! I can't wait to see what you find for next week!
    :) Tibby
    PS: Did you get the card I sent with your Pay It Forward gift?

  2. Glad to see you include your lovely brown eyes.
    Nice job!

    Pats & pets

  3. Great job finding brown stuff - that looks like a fun game :)

  4. Oh this is hilarious! He looks so cute on all these photos! Great little dog! And nice 'brown' post too of course ;-)

  5. crew leaves lots of brown poops around in the yard. Does that count? ;-)

  6. do have the mosr beautiful brown eyes.