Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trip to the groomer

Good afternoon:)

It is a cold, snowy day here in Pendleton. Mom got me up early this morning to go visit my groomer, Kay. She is a very nice lady and is always very good with me. As a matter of fact, I stayed at her house for 5 days in December. My family went to Disney World without me:(

I don't mind going to see Kay, but boy do I HATE having my butt squeezed. WTH is up with that!?! Kay always puts a bandanna on me, so mom thought we should post a picture of me with it on. The bandanna is cute and all, but dad and I found a much better use for it:)

Have a GREAT afternoon:)


  1. DUDE! I hate getting my butt squeezed too.

    What the EFF is up with all this SNOW??? The weatherman said we might get a "dusting" this morning and mom measured FOUR INCHES in the farkakte driveway!!!!!!!!

    Yes, we can totally play whenever. Mom says to give her a call and we'll do it!

  2. oh you look cute with your bandanna both wearing and tugging it!
    m & e

  3. Hi Pugsley!
    I think you look cute in your bandana! I got one of those at petsmart when I went to get my nails clipped! What's this about a butt squeeze? It sounds terribly uncalled for!
    :) Tibby