Saturday, February 21, 2009

Super Saturday!!!

There is nothing better then spending a Saturday with Brother and Mom!!
I was very excited when mom told me it was time to go to "Work"(4-H obedience). I was afraid I would not remember what to do, but mom said we did a good job today:)

WOO HOO!! Let's get to work!! ( I don't think brother was as excited as I was) LOL

Brother and I are working on my sit-stay.

After dog club we went to one of my favorite places, THREE DOG BAKERY!!!

MMMMMM, these smell good!!

That's for me, right?

OF COURSE!! Mom made me pose for a "CUTE" picture. WHATEVER MOM!!!!

I finally got to go home and enjoy my treats!!

Boy, This is YUMMY!!!!

Well, I am going to go take a nap:)
Have a Fun Saturday!!


  1. pugsley, you are so cute! i love seeing all of your photos!
    what a great day you had with your family!

  2. what a fun day! good job working so hard at school. :)

  3. Good job at "work" BPF!

    We need to get our moms to take us up to 3 Dog Bakery TOGETHER so we can shop!