Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pugsley Fun Facts

I thought I would share some Fun Facts about me:)

1. I love to go to Qdoba.

Don't you think I should be their spokesdog?

2. My family LOVES to go to Disney World and bring me fun presents.

My first Disney present was a T-shirt.(2007)

My first set of Mickey ears and my new Mickey dog tag.(2008)

3. My brother and I are in 4-H Dog Obedience.

This me heeling in a figure-8. I also know sit, stay, stand and down.

We won a blue ribbon our first year!!!

4. My family thinks that it is funny to dress me up for Halloween.

This is the lion costume dad made for me.

This is my "Frank" suit.

5. Salinger is my BPF.

I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!!!!

This picture is from the "Dogs Night Out" Halloween party where we meet Salinger and his family.

6. I LOVE to play with my toys!!! "Fetch" is my favorite game to play.

Just a few of my toys:) "GreenDog" is my favorite!!

"Cow" is my second favorite.

Last but not least!!!! Family pictures:)

Me and Mom:)

Me and Dad:)

Me and Brother:)

I hope you all have a PUGTASTIC Friday!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the info and the photos. Good job on the blue ribbon. Mom says I would never win one, because I do things only if I want to.


  2. Pugsley, that lion costume is some kind of mix between 'precious' and 'hilarious' ...
    prelarious? Not sure. I'll work out the details later. Great post!

  3. Those are awesome photos. We can't wait to meet you at the next pug meetup!

  4. Pugsley, I am still laughing about that lion costume! And I am thinking you should wear your 'Frank suit' for our date on Saturday?!

    I LOVE QDOBA, too!!

  5. I liked the costume, too! Now I feel I know you a lot more, thanks for sharing your fun facts! You have a nice family