Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Hello Doggie Friends-

It has been a VERY lazy day at the Wolfe house. We have had a day full of napping and watching TV,so I thought I would share my Saturday night fun with you. Mom and Dad went out last night, so Amanda came over to hang out with me and brother. Mom gave us the mission of taking pictures, so we could add them to my blog. These are some of the pictures we took:)

Amanda brought over her yarn that she is crocheting a blanket with, so I thought I would help her out:)

Can I help?

The yarn looked like something fun to play with:)

HA HA I got it!! Now you're not going to get it back!!

HEY!!!! I was playing with that!!! Give it back!!!

Brother also got some candid shots of me:)

My friend Tibby taught me that this is my "Cover-Your-Nose" Tongue Shot:)


There is one more thing I need to do tonight.
I want to send a shout out to Claire and Julianne:)

Claire and Julianne are my cousins who live in Seattle. Mom, dad, and Justin are going to visit them in July, but I have to stay home:(
Claire and Julianne: These Pugs and Kisses are for you XOXOXOXOXOXO:)

I am still looking for a couple more friends to play Pay It Forward. Let me know if you want to play:)
Have a PAWSOME week!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Pugsley! I have just been catching up on your weekend and I missed a lot of fun! You have been a busy boy!!

    I loved the pictures of you playing with the yarn. I do that when my Mommy tries to knit. I am also glad to hear your obedience class went so well! You are such a smart boy.

    My mean momma says we can't play 'Pay it Forward' right now because we're having some money problems. I hope you'll forgive me... Momma always ruins my fun!

  2. hi pugsley!
    emmitt says he loves yarn too.

    you are so cute! we love seeing all of your photos.

    happy monday!

  3. Hi Pugsley!
    What a great Tongue Shot you got! It looks like you had a fun weekend!
    :) Tibby